WhiteStone Distribution & Manufacturing has a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defect and failures. Concrete Countertops are a beautiful custom and artisan product. Understanding how to care for your countertops will give you the best longevity and performance. WhiteStone does not warrantee against stains, ghosting marks, scratches, or any other damage caused by aggressive or improper use of your countertop. the Following care items need to be followed:

Do not cut on top of your countertop, use a cutting board.

Concrete sealers offer very good stain resistance and color enhancement, however cutting, scraping, or sliding metal can scratch your coating.

Do not use harsh abrasives like scotch bright pads, scouring pads, metal spatulas, knives, abrasive powders or any related items to clean or scrape your countertop.

Do not place extremely hot items on your countertops, including hot pans, cooking sheets or related items, always use a heat pad.

Always clean up spills and standing liquid when using your concrete countertops. Do not leave standing liquid to dry on countertops especially dark colored liquid like wine or mustard

Mild soap and water are best for cleaning concrete countertops, never use bleach, ammonia or other harsh cleaners.