Concrete Colors & Finishes

Our concrete comes in three main categories: Solid Color, Stone Pattern and Terrazzo (glass mix)

Solid Colors

One of the best qualities about concrete is the imperfection and patina within the color. Concrete can be made to have very uniform color or allowed to cure naturally with color variation. Our choice for solid colors is to let the concrete show its character, colors will have mild variation and modeling, something only concrete can capture.

Stone Patterns

Our stone pattern techniques are unique to the WhiteStone Artisans. We have developed techniques to recreate the most popular patterns of stone and marble. The end result is a truly believable stone countertop with the added benefit of being seamless, massive edge profiles, dimensional aspect that are almost impossible with natural stone. Our patterns and individual and are an artisan representation of the natural stone where we still allow the concrete to be concrete. Some of our most popular patterns are Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sand Stone, Slate, and Travertine.


In terms of green living, there is no surface that compare with terrazzo. Some of the earliest terrazzo surfaces created almost 10,000 years ago still exist today. Terrazzo is comprised of recycled glass and cement, then polished to expose the aggregate locked in the concrete. Our terrazzo concrete countertops are beautiful, durable and limitless in color and glass choices.


Polished: Ground and polished concrete, sand aggregate will be exposed and add character.

Smooth Cast Cream Finish: This is our main finish; the cream is allowed to remain on the surface, giving a gentle texture. This is an excellent choice for stone patterns and solid colors.

River Bank: A signature WhiteStone finish, resembling the edge of a riverbank or sandstone cut from a river bed. The texture is soft to the feel and adds interest when viewed in angled lighting.

Industrial: Modern industrial texture that looks great for edge details, fire pits, wall panels, lighting fixtures, fireplace surrounds or any other vertical surface.