Concrete overlay system featuring Utah’s own ElascoCrete cement product. Our friend and mentor Lee Edgar created this flooring product in St. George, UT. We have been pursuing innovation with this product since its introduction in 2014. Many of the techniques, patterns and artistry have been inspired and created with the collaborative effort between WhiteStone and ElastoCrete. This unique flooring product is poured at 3/8” to 1/2 inch thick. It can be installed over wood subfloor, concrete slab, rubber sound proofing, even carpet. One of the most impressive uses for our flooring product is the Cushion Crete system. This system installs over a rubber floor matt, which adds bounce and vibration to the concrete. This system has been used for concrete basketball courts and gym floors where wood installation is limited by moisture vapor and humidity risks. ElastoCrete flooring can range from $10-$18 sq/ft.