Concrete Countertops in Salt Lake City, Utah

Concrete countertops are becoming one of the hottest trends in home and commercial design. As more people are beginning to appreciate exposed brick, iron beams and industrial themes, the modern appeal and function of concrete makes an excellent choice for countertops and other surface finishes.

For those who desire a surface that stands apart from common materials, concrete is the answer. Concrete countertops can be any style; from French Country to Industrial, Retro to Rustic. Concrete countertops and surfaces allow decorative details that are not possible with any other type of material. If your finish options have only included granite, tile, synthetic solid surfaces or engineered quartz, then you understand the limitations and frustration with such materials that are so commonly installed in households today.

Concrete brings new options for countertop surfaces and far surpasses other commonplace materials in design choices for shape, color, thickness, aggregates and more. No other surface material offers nearly unlimited options as does concrete. The doors for design potential are wide open with this malleable material shaped in the hands of experienced artisans who are skilled with its capabilities.