stamped concrete Utah

Sweeto Burrito comes to Utah!

We made the concrete tables and countertops for this successful franchise from North Dakota. We went back today to check out the tables and the place was packed. Our concrete was well placed in this decore setting. Concrete can be made to look clean and modern or rusting and rugged. The inspiration behind this project came from the terra-cotta clay works of old world Mexico, the glazed clay has a unique look that is captured in the architecture, pottery and art work south of the border. We captured this feel with a cool vintage look using stamped concrete with silicone rubber stamps that we made in our shop specifically for this job. Our sign and stamping sections has more pictures of stamped, inlayed and glazed concrete. We love what we do, each day brings new challenges and pushes our innovation. We are becoming one of the premier artisan concrete studios in Salt Lake City, Ut. We truly care about our customers and stand behind our work. Concrete Stamped Countertops