concrete sinks Salt Lake City

Modernize Your Home With A Concrete Ramp Sink

Concrete ramp sinks are a great way to modernize your home or business, Slot drain sinks are one of our favorite projects, nothing says clean modern like white concrete! We did this amazing ramp sink for a customer here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Notice how the slot drain is recessed in the back wall of the vanity top. This technique hides the slot and gives a visual interest to the finished sink. This mold is built out of melamine and foam, we then bond all the seams and sand the mold to a smooth profile. The ideal is to de-mold the concrete and have a sink that requires as little processing as possible. The concrete used in this project has a compressive strength over 8000/psi and can be hand packed or sprayed into the mold. White concrete is one of the most desirable colors in modern design and since concrete is considered a man made stone, it is how we derived our name “WhiteStone”.